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Can we really think of a good reason why we should put some effort to find something not boring enough to say or write about T&T, which, by the way, seems enough obvious even without explanation? Well, not really.

Explaining this obviousness would be in line, or at least vaguely compatible, with T&T? Well, not really.

Now, it would be right to show you any sort of sycophant servilism to ensure you that your time spent watching and reading T&T was legitimate? Well, not really.

It's a total nonsense, confusedly expressed, and it means nothing is the best that you can think about it. And if this makes you feel better because it heightens you above, then the target has been reached and your time is not lost likewise ours.

Thinking about it won't help. Try to feel, and you'll find about it. Read it as a rebus with recurring thematics with a large squeeze of sarcasm. If you don't get it, read it over and over again and you will, in the end.

You see? In the end we gave you something more than just a hint about this thing, and we didn't crawl. Can you try and do the same with your time?

PS Now relax, it's about digital design, for the most part.

We believe prissiness implies more than just hypocrisy


Feeling sorry for these species is a good way of patronising and helping them.


The bad thing is, we are trying to help them but still we are the wrong ones.


Judging things does not define how they are. Thankfully it defines the judge.

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